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Flashy New Take on Battle vs Chess
+++ Revolutionary game mix Battle vs Chess Launches New Site +++
TopWare Interactive today launched a new website for the upcoming strategy/action game Battle vs Chess.  Featuring product details, development news, media links, and of course game assets the site will serve as an informational hub in the coming months as the game moves closer to release. So head over to www.battlvschess.com/en to some early glimpses at what is shaping up to be the next great staples in the strategy game genre. Don't forget to check back often for regular updates, including information on game features such as the ground-breaking new battle mode, in which defending pieces are granted one last chance to avoid capture as they square off against their attackers in a 3rd-person overhead combat scenario, with each piece possessing its own unique characteristics, strengths, weaknesses, and attacks.  So you're tired of standing by helplessly as your opponent chips away at your army, then take a stand and take them on in the combat arena where player's pieces clash in action-packed duels!
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