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Chess – the unrivalled champion of strategy games has been attracting players of all ages for countless centuries. Battle vs. Chess takes up the mission of adapting the time honoured classic for the 21st century, seeking to breathe new life into the boardgame without abandoning the essential concepts that have made it so timeless.

Battle vs Chess is based on the simple yet ingenious idea of creating a fusion between professional chess software and upbeat, combat oriented game mechanics, complete with richly animated game pieces.

The groundbreaking introduction of vivid 3D conflict animations and optional action integration elements provide a very special breath of fresh air to the classic game of chess. Employing ChessBase’s world renowned Fritz! chess algorithm software, widely regarded as one of the most sophisticated chess engines in the world, even the most experienced chess experts will be presented with a daunting challenge.  All these features paired with an atmospheric soundtrack, special game modes, and a plethora of unlockable bonuses guarantee players long lasting fun with the timeless game of kings!

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If you're tired of standing by helplessly as your opponent chips away at your army, then take a stand with the three new unique Battle Modes in Battle vs Chess.  These revolutionary additions turn the checkered battlefield into combat arena where player's pieces clash in action-packed duels.

Defending pieces are granted one last chance to avoid capture as they square off against their attackers in a 3rd-person overhead combat scenario, with each piece possessing its own unique characteristics, strengths, weaknesses, and attacks.  So while fending off a bishop with a pawn may be a tall order, the battle is by no means unwinnable.  If the defending piece is in fact able to fend off its attacker, the beaten foe will humiliatingly be sent limping back to its original square, and the defender left to fight another day.  As a result honing ones skills with their various soldiers becomes paramount in securing their path to victory, and introduces a whole new dimension to the classic game.  

Battle vs Chess - Home
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